PHP 5.6 is out and PHP-DI just got better

PHP 5.6 has been released a month ago and PHP-DI just got better because of it!

As explained 9 months ago when I introduced the new definition format for PHP-DI 4, that format has been thought for the future.

It was imagined to take advantage of the short arrays introduced in PHP 5.4:

return [
    'Acme\SomeModule\Service\Foo' => DI\object()

Along with the ::class of PHP 5.5:

use Acme\SomeModule\Service\Foo;
use Acme\SomeModule\Service\Bar;

return [
    Foo::class => DI\object()

And now the use function of PHP 5.6:

use Acme\SomeModule\Service\Foo;
use Acme\SomeModule\Service\Bar;
use function DI\object;
use function DI\link;

return [
    Foo::class => object()

Yay! Those helper functions can now be imported, which helps clearing up long configuration files:

  • DI\object()
  • DI\link()
  • DI\factory()
  • DI\env()

I have been using PHP 5.6 to build and I can confirm, after a few week of usage, that this is a noticeable improvement.

If you want to see a real life example, have a look at the configuration file.

What about you?

After 9 months of using the new definition format, what do you think of it?

Do you see any way to improve it? Or something to improve in the documentation?