PHP-DI 7.0 released

I am very happy to announce that PHP-DI 7.0 has been released!

If you have never heard of PHP-DI visit the home page first to get an overview of what PHP-DI can do for you.

I'll make this one short and to the point. PHP-DI 7 is a maturation of v6 to support modern PHP versions and their new features:

  • PHP 8.0 and greater is supported
  • @Inject phpdoc annotations have been replaced by the native PHP attribute #[Inject]
  • PSR-11 2.0 compatibility
  • The codebase and the API exposed is now much more typed (thanks to the new PHP features)

If you are migrating from a 6.x version check out the detailed migration guide.

The documentation shown on is now for the 7.0 version, the 6.x documentation can be found here.

If something isn't right in the package or the documentation, please open an issue or a pull request.